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If you’re searching for a bathroom remodel in San Antonio look no further! Let’s be honest if your bathroom looks better with the door shut then perhaps it’s time for a much-needed update! A bathroom is a place where a lot of time is spent. It naturally makes sense that family would want a more functional yet inviting bathroom where you can relax after a long hard day worth of work. Upgrading your bathroom can enhance the livability of your home, but it will also create lasting value throughout the years! We can match your personal preferences and style to create a functional bathroom retreat. Did you know that the addition of a new bathroom has an ROI of 80 – 90%.

We specialize in bathroom makeovers! If you need help getting inspired HGTV and has amazing examples of what your future bathroom could look like, and we can make that happen for you. Here at MGR Remodeling, we have the best bathroom remodeling services in the San Antonio area. Bathrooms are one of the more expensive rooms in your house to remodel. Contact Us for a more accurate quote regarding any of your bathroom remodeling needs.


Prepare Home Remodeling Ideas $600 - $1150
Materials and Fixtures $3,502 - $4,098
Project Labor $4,613 - $6,481
Project Supplies $848 - $966


With over 15 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • Whats with all of the horror stories about bathroom remodelers?

    Bathroom remodelers sometimes have a bad reputation because there are a lot of factors that go into bathroom remodeling. Bathrooms have to withstand daily use, water, steam, and mildew. If your bathroom isn’t holding up well, then it comes down to the simple fact that your bathroom renovation was done poorly. Quality craftsmanship should never be optional.

  • What are some warning signs I should look for when talking with contractors about a bathroom remodel?

    Don’t fall for the classic “all you need is a modest facelift” trap. This classic line may be a ploy to cover up any underlying problems such as wet insulation, rotting drywall, and code violating plumbing. This practice is highly unethical and immoral. I can almost guarantee you that if your house is more than 20 years old, you need more than just a “facelift.” Keep this in mind: If your tiles need to be replaced, you probably have some problems that you need to consider.

  • How much is all of this going to cost?

    It comes down to what you can afford and how your budget matches with your interests and goals. Get in contact with us for a Free Consultation so that we can help you make an informed decision. We will always look for what’s best for the both of us! We will give you real information that will educate you so that you can understand ALL of your options.

  • Do you have any professional advice that you could give us?

    I would highly recommend that you remain highly conscientious of quality. Do your OWN planning and research first. Explore all of your options and get multiple consultations if you need to. There is nothing wrong with that! Ensure that any and all agreements ARE IN WRITING. Lastly, you should be your own quality control specialist, if it’s not to your liking, have it removed! If you do these simple things, I can assure you that your bathroom remodel will be smooth.

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